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Child Support

Our family law attorneys work closely with our clients to determine the needs of their children or their lack of ability to pay child support. The Michigan child support guidelines are periodically amended. Changes may increase or decrease the amount of support you pay or receive. If you have an older support order in place, you should have your support recalculated. Based upon Michigan’s child support guidelines we can provide you with an accurate estimate of what your child support payments will be.

The Connection Between Child Support and Child Custody

divorce and a child support agreementOne of the things many parents ask about is the connection between child custody and child support. It is important to understand that parents are expected to share economic responsibility for their children. There is no magic number that determines a correlation between the number of overnights a parent has with the child and the amount they will be expected to pay in support. Courts take a dim view of parents who attempt to shirk their parental obligations. The trend is towards joint physical custody orders and there are fewer cases where sole physical custody is seen as appropriate.

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