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Parenting Time & Visitation: Time with Your Children

One of the challenges parents face in custody matters is scheduling parenting time or visitation for the noncustodial parent. Allocating time between parents is never easy. Some parents may see time as a means of reducing their support obligations. Others will struggle to develop a viable schedule because of rotating shift work or the travel demands of their job.
At Miller & Calabrese, P.C., our attorneys understand the importance of time with your child. That is why we help you work through the difficult issues to find a viable solution. We use mediation and courtroom litigation, when necessary, to obtain an agreement that will benefit your children the most.

Michigan Law Favors Joint Custody

More and more studies demonstrate the value and influence of parents and the time they spend with their children. Whenever possible, judges are instructed to consider joint custody and if they determine it should not be awarded, they must explain why. We, too, believe it is in the best interests of a child to have a meaningful relationship with both their parents, and building and sustaining a solid relationship require quality time spent together.

child custody, visitation, and divorceOften, parents face scheduling challenges when trying to arrange visitation. Whether you work a rotating shift schedule, nights and/or weekends, our legal team will help you find constructive parenting time solutions. Parenting time can be as variable as families and we work to develop creative, innovative solutions for families. We also assist with:

  • Visitation schedules and parenting plans
  • Child custody and support matters on behalf of the custodial or noncustodial parent
  • Modifications to original court orders if circumstances permanently change

Free Initial Consultation

Our attorneys are sensitive to the emotions and volatile situations that often occur when negotiating family law matters such as visitation. We work on your behalf to obtain the most favorable outcome for you and for your children. We help our clients create parenting plans that are in the best interests of their kids. For help with child custody determinations during divorce, call 734-455-1230 or contact us online, and schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyers.